What cancer cannot…


“Cancer can destroy the body but it cannot kill the heart.” By Norine V. Rathbone January 17, 2001

This has been my life mantra since January 17, 2001 which is the date of my double mastectomy. I wrote it to remind myself that I may lose parts of my body to the disease but that disease was no way in hell going to take my life dreams away from me. Especially the baseball.

I just finished my rookie year in baseball when at the end of it playing the sport with the men that my mammogram came up positive with two breast tumors. Boy was I ever mad! I worked so hard all my life to play baseball and now even my own body was denying me the right to make my dream a long time reality.

And yes I do live by my own words…

These are my dragon boat racing breast cancer survivor teammates. We are the Pink Paddlers. Five of them are no longer with us. Cancer took five fine ladies from us. Sucks. Cancer really sucks. I have worse words to say about cancer but I’m not allowed to print them here.

http://www.RoseRegatta.org is where you will find us survivors out at Lake Las Vegas.


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