Weenie’s Review: Norm’s Eggs Cafe


Chrysler’s Chairman Lee Iococca said it best. Lead. Follow. Or Get Out of the Way.

He was referring of course to the automobile industry. But his ideal applies to any business entity. And when I’m hungry, really hungry, after dragon boat training on Saturdays or Sundays, get outta my way! I want Norm’s Eggs Café.

Norm’s Eggs Café is located at 3655 South Durango Drive, Ste #29, Las Vegas NV 89147

Hours: Open 6:30-3:00 daily — Call: 702-431-EGGS (3447)

Norm Chan is the owner and he runs a delightful little café next door to the Durango Animal Hospital. A former computer IT man, Norm’s dream was to have his own restaurant so he hatched his idea to his wife. With her blessing he knew eggsactly what he wanted to present to the local Las Vegas crowd that featured comfort food and a place that was cozy enough to roost from.

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Pretty soon word got around to the tourists as well.

Out of towners will make the almost 8 mile drive west of the Strip to Norm’s because honestly—it’s really good food. Norm makes sure all the food is made not only to his liking but it’s also made fresh in the kitchen from homemade soups to braised lamb shanks. He does the shopping himself. Whatever he has on special is made from scratch. Even his mashed potatoes are created from fresh tubers and not from those instant potato flakes. It’s not home cooking like mom made. It’s home cooking that Norm likes to see customers enjoy wholeheartedly.


It’s not all about the eggs either.

Norm has a wide variety of menu choices from, of course, eggs dishes to salads to fresh fruits and coconuts. You just to read his menu because I can’t do him justice trying to name every unique food dish he offers his patrons. There are daily specials as well. He changes them so you don’t keep seeing the same special items all the time. He knows how to mix it up with different offerings. It’s refreshing to see something new that’s not on the menu.


Evil Eater Ed and I have eaten a pretty good portion of his menu choices.

We do have our favorites. EEE loves the Patty Melt with fries while I usually go for the braised lamb shanks or one of the best liver and onion dishes in the valley. No matter what we eat it’s always good, consistent, flavorful, and done very well.


However, there is only one item on the menu that needs to be upgraded. Seriously.

The slaw. It needs a flavor kick. Really. The cole slaw is good but lacks its unique sassy slaw flavor. The best I’ve ever eaten is east of the Mississippi. It’s what the East Coast does. Really well. I’d love to see Norm take it up another level. Especially on an extreme hot Vegas summer day nothing beats a serving of slaw that is oozing with a flavor full of vim and vinegar. I have to admit it. He’s consistent with the slaw. But not yet to my liking.


Norm’s Eggs Café is a real treat by a small sole owner eatery with a warm and friendly staff.

From the time you walk in to the time you leave the café you can’t go without telling his staff a heartwarming goodbye see you next time as you step out the door. You just can’t. There’s something about his place that makes you want to be sure they know how you liked your eating experience.

And he’s pet friendly too. Norm is happy to see dog owners stop by to dine. Dogs are very welcomed as long as they are leashed and kept to the tables outside with their two-legged parents. It’s really awesome to see families with their pets through the window when you’re eating inside. Desert Breeze Park is across the street from the café where there are dog runs. So it’s a nice change after taking your dogs to have their outdoor fun to come across the street to eat without having to take them home first. Water is always offered to his four-legged patrons.


Overall Norm’s Eggs Café is the way to go to just hang out.

You can eat a good meal then relax before heading off to spend the rest of your day doing whatever it is that is on your to do list. Enjoy an iced coffee or an iced cold Jones soda. Or perhaps your drink is a fresh coconut water right from the shell of one. There are just too many great choices that deviate from the Norm! Pun intended. Really. I had to say it.


I highly encourage you to stop by. Taste test it yourself. Many of his regular customers come to eat in then take out orders for later. Norm’s is only open for breakfast and lunch. But there are days when we wish he was open for dinner as well.

This is one restaurant we really enjoy going to so that’s why I just have to cackle about it. See you there!


Cooking Tip: Liver and onions is not everyone’s favorite dish. To make the liver taste a lot better soak it in whole milk for 30 minutes. Then discard the liquid. The milk absorbs the extra blood from the meat and keeps it moist when pan frying. My mother used to make it like this all the time. It’s a Caparthian-Rusyn mountain folk recipe making the liver more enjoyable. Norm’s liver and onions dish flavors it just like Old World Eastern Europe. I love it…


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