About Rouxbe


It does not stand for “OH MY GOD” on this blog. And especially on this page. No disrespect God.

I’m a student at Rouxbe’s online cooking school. And for me OMG stands for “OOOOOOOOOOH MMMMMMMMMMM GOOOOOOOOD!” That it does. I love this school. A lot!

I can already cook 4 star level thanks to my Polish grandmother Wladyslawa Kujawa who made her living in Depew, New York at 31 Main Street. Her and my grandfather Josef Grzesik, her husband, owned a tavern and boarding house there before I was born. It was one of the many taverns runned by immigrants from Eastern Europe, most of them from Poland as Depew was mostly a Polish-settled village.

I spent many a day and night at their Terrace Boulevard home, where they retired, learning ethnic recipes from my grandma. Grandpa and I never met. He died two years before I was born. However, I do know from my elder family members that he made all the liquor for their business during the Prohibition era. I heard the stories of him throughout my life enough that I feel to this day I did get to know him.

I make many of grandma’s old world dishes for my husband Ed. My favorite food she taught me was her fresh chicken soup with the claws included. THAT’S FRESH as in freshly-killed chicken. There wasn’t any Super Duper, A&P, TOPS or Wegmans stores to buy packaged cut-up chicken back then. Hungry for chicken? Bring your knife. YOU killed it first. And plucked it too.

Rouxbe isn’t for the recipes that I joined it. This culinary school is for those home cooks and professional chefs who want to improve their cooking skills and techniques. It is the science, the heart and soul of how to understand, create and design a recipe.

I may be a Weenie but this school is not for wimps. And certainly not for weenie wimps! Think of Oxford in your own kitchen. While you won’t earn a college degree in the culinary arts from Rouxbe, you will earn certificates of completion for the courses taken to prove to the world that YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO COOK AND COOK REALLY WELL!

You can’t cheat either. Once you lock in your answers for either multiple choice questions or the essay answers that you have to write, for real live instructors, there is no going back to change them. Once you submit you commit.

And the questions are not easy either. You better bring not only your game on but your brain on as well. You can fail a course for lack of not putting the effort in. See for yourself. You can try the basics for free from their website but you better want to really invest your time in applying yourself to reading the material, watching their awesome videos and doing their assignments. You will get graded too.

My grandmother would be so proud that I am taking on the mantle of her old world European ways with those of my modern electonic accessibly.

Afterall, she learned me better… she loved to say that to me. Yes you did learned me better Grandma Grzesik. And I thank you for that. So does my husband!


“Because eating well starts in the kitchen. It does NOT come from a drive-thru.” Aunt Weenie Me


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