About Aunt Weenie



Aunt Weenie Plays Baseball!

Aunt Weenie me is more than just my character. I really am a weenie thanks to my family.

It all started when my sister (my childhood best friend) Renee’s three girls Megan, Sarah and Katy struggled to call me Aunt Norine. Somehow it just didn’t sound good. It was just downright awkward. So they changed me to Aunt Norween.

Then one day Renee’ was looking for me. From across their home came this loud “HEY WEENIE!” that resounded from everywhere. It was Renee’s way of finding me fast. Even Dally Dalmatian Dog came a running.

With squeals of pure delight in the air the echoes began from the mouths of babes. “HEY AUNT WEENIE!” followed by the sounds of little girls laughter and more Aunt Weenie calls. I was clearly doomed. Doomed to a life of a forever weenie.

Fast forward a few decades to the era of tablet PCs, cell phones and electronic social media.

Now that we have Facebook with all its immediate media I can’t escape it. “Hey Aunt Weenie” is always coming my way from family. From friends. From people who are just getting to know me. Aunt Weenie is going all over the world thanks to call of them and to the power of the Internet.

Yup! CyberWeenie me now. Nicknames too. Hey Weenster. Hey Weenie. Hey Ween.

And I’m anything but a wimpy weenie. I carry a bat. A big fat pink bat. Don’t mess with a weenie. Especially if she’s your Aunt Weenie.

Welcome to this family… You’re in it now.

Thanks a lot Renee’ see what you started. I love you and the girls for my famous Weenieness! What a nice way to honor a family member who fought the ravishes of cancer, chemotherapy and the crappiness there of a horrible disease.

What a way to be remembered as a real live breast cancer survivor… as a weenie.



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