Las Vegas is Hotter than You Think…

My boiling point is 112 degrees. Literally. Driving in it.

My AC in my truck is broken. So are my two 30D EOS Canon camera bodies.

Which do I pay to fix?

The cameras of course so I can earn more money to fix the AC. It’s a vicious money cycle having to figure out which is more important~driving in extreme high desert heat or feeling the heat of having to turn down work due to broken camera equipment. I choose the latter.

Living here in the Vegas Valley is the fact of life that for four months each year, from June through September, temperatures will rise past 100 degrees. A LOT.

This summer today was the first day of worse. It was 112 driving home from the office. All windows down except for the driver’s one. All my windows are dark tinted and they do reduce the heat a lot. But of course I can’t drive with them all up or I’d suffocate from the hotter air that will build up inside.

How do we Vegans manage temps that keep going up into the teens whether or not we have AC in our cars? We drink a lot of water. Tons of it. It works. Just like the radiators in our cars. Keeping hydrated keeps the body engine cooled down even though the outside of the body gets tagged from the sun’s heat rays.

Stay hydrated is not all water either.

Because we have very little humidity here in the desert by the time you’re heavily sweating you are greatly dehydrated. Your skin should be a light mist of moisture which rapidly evaporates. Likewise of you are not sweating at all you’re about to be hit with heat exhaustion or heat stroke. An absence of that light moisture not on your skin means you are overheating your body engine. Both are dangerous to living in Nevada, Arizona or any other state that has desert appeal.

So drink up. Water with or without ice. Iced coffee. Iced tea. Any unsweetened drink. Any alcohol-free drink. Or a mix of 50-50 water and low sweetened juice, which by the way hydrates you faster than just water alone. Caffeinated drinks will make you pee more but it is rare that they will really dehydrate you, just don’t sugarized them.

Consuming sugar-ladened or alcohol drinks will make you very sick in extreme heats. Skip the Gatorade, the Powerade and the lemonade with sugars in them. Google the Internet yourself to read how in high temps drinks with sugar can slow you down and put you down.

If you need a sugar fix eat cold fruit. The natural sugars are wetter for your digestion. And don’t depend on bottled or canned fruit juices either. They are loaded with tons of sugar, fructose, and the like. You will get sick from drinking them straight up. Dilute the sugar concentrations with water.

And drink throughout the day before the day heat even starts. This is key to keeping your kool.

By doing so you will be a better-in-tuned body in our summer days here and we won’t find you overheated and out of water laying face down alongside our roads.

Also when driving in our valley being extra drinks in case your mechanical vehicle breaks down and you’re stuck waiting in the het for help. You don’t want to run out of liquid yourself until roadside service comes along. And don’t expect towing trucks to carry or offer you water. Best you be a Boy Scout and be self-prepared.

With summer temps expected to reach almost 120 this weekend keeping your body kool is a must. Organ damage or even failure can happen. People die in extreme heat long before they feel dehydrated or weak. Feel your body needs. Fuel it before it asks you to. Friend it more when you are outside.

Then go and enjoy your summer fun here…