Easter Treating Yourself To A Really Good Time…

Happy Easter Foodie Peeps

Ed and I enjoyed a very romantic day yesterday just hanging around the west valley of Las Vegas. We walked the Farmers Market at Trivoli Village sampling a few treats and found us a raw honey supplier from Pahrump plus a chocolatier from North LV who makes wickedly tasting dark chocolate-covered almonds and cranberries.

Then we headed off to Bed Bath and Beyond for a few more kitchen needs and an excuse to droole over the 8 quart Dutch oven Ed wants from Fontignac. Ooooooooooo lala and aaaaaaaaaaaaah waaaa moi. French and sleek Bon appetite.

We lunched on the patio at the Olive Garden all to ourselves. Not another soul joined us. Everybody sat inside while we were grateful for the solitude of food and love.

On the way home we stopped at our local grocery store for some Greek yogurt and cream. We are making homemade strawberry ice cream this weekend. Michelle, our store manage laughed when we told her we ARE NOT buying ice cream from the store anymore but we will buy the ingredients to make it! She is just so sweet cream of a personality herself. We adore her.

We have the Cuisinart ice cream maker. It is a blast using it. We mix our batches in my mother’s Dormeyer Camfield Power Mixer. Yep. That antique mixer still works like new some 50 years later. My mother worshiped it clean and now I do too. Yes my cooking friends we blend the old with the new appliances to create food works of art for the palate.

I’m just waking up from a nap. It is allergy season and my face is full of achoos and sinus pain. There is leftover peanut butter ice cream from yesterday. I think I will plaster my face with it to cure my face via my stomach.

Ahhhhhhh the life of a home chef. It just keeps getting better and better. And tastier too.

Happy Easter all. No Easter bunnies were harmed in Aunt Weenie’s culinary kitchen. However we did find a few dark chocolate rabbit turds on the work station island. And like Andrew Zimmern… of course we snatched them up and ate them! Oh M&M Goodness.